2nd Summer School

1st – 4th August 2016

2nd Summer School on Optical Interconnects

In University of St. Andrews, Scotland, the oldest University of Scotland




Co-organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (Fraunhofer IZM) and Seagate Technology in the frame of European ICT Project PhoxTroT, the summer school focuses on high-performance, low-energy and low-cost optical interconnects across the different hierarchy levels in data center and high-performance computing systems.

The link for registration: www.eventsforce.net/standrews/53/home.


Data Center Architectures and Topologies
Active Optical Cables and Advanced Multiplexing Techniques

On-board interconnects:
Design and Fabrication of multimode polymer waveguides
Single-Mode glass-based PCBs
Optoelectronic Assembly and Packaging

On-chip Interconnects and CMPs:
Optical interconnects for Chip Multiprocessors
Photonic Network-on-Chips

On-chip interconnects and Photonic Integration Technologies:
nm-scale Silicon Photonics Building Blocks
Plasmonics integration technology and building blocks
Ge-based Photonics: light detection and modulation
Silicon Photonic Modulators & switches
Lasers, switches and memories using III-V on SOI
μm-scale Silicon photonics technology
Designing Photonic chips
Integrated Optical Amplifier technologies

The Industrial Perspective:
Optical Interconnects in Data Storage Systems
Optical Interconnects for Energy Efficient Data Centers
The Cloud Computing Platform
Data Centers for Cloud Applications
Active Optical Cable technologies
Mid-Board Optical Modules
Router Optochips and Interfaces
Optical PCBs: the new “motherboard”
Optical waveguide and PCB design rules
Optochips and 3D System-in-Package integration
Packaging and Assembly for 3D SiP optochips
VCSEL transmitter technologies


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Registration Fees

Conference Attendance at Medical & Biological Sciences Building (09.00 on 1st August – 14.00 on 4th August):
3 ½ days
Total: £149 per person

The link for registration: www.eventsforce.net/standrews/53/home.


Accommodation is available at Agnes Blackadder “Leisure Rates”: (pdf)


Organising Comittee:

Rolf Aschenbrenner (Fraunhofer IZM)
Richard Pitwon (Seagate)
Nikos Pleros (AUTH)
Dimitris Apostolopoulos (NTUA)
Tolga Tekin (Fraunhofer IZM)

Academic Comittee:

Prof. Nikos Pleros (AUTH)
Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos (ICCS/ NTUA)
Prof. Alain Dereux (CNRS)
Prof. Christian Koos (KIT)
Prof. Javier Marti (UPVLC)
Prof. Sergey Bozhevolnyi (SDU)
Prof Rama Raj (CNRS)
Prof. Johan Bauwelinck (IMEC)
Prof. Manos Varvarigos (CTI)
Prof. Fabrice Raineri (CNRS)
Prof. Xin Yin (IMEC)

Local Comittee:

Bogdan Sirbu (Fraunhofer, IZM)
Mina Schmidt (Fraunhofer, IZM)


Organized by:

izm               seagate            NTUA_Logo AUTH_Logo_Pict                             

Supported by:

PhoxTroT Project
L3Matrix Project
Comander Project
European Optical Interconnect Cluster
IEEE CPMT German Chapter
If you want to have further information, please contact us via project.phoxtrot@izm.fraunhofer.de.