ECOC 2016: Lecturer slides

With some delay, you can now find some of the slides of our lecturers’ presentations online and also download them for further information.


ECOC 2016 Tolga Tekin

ECOC 2016 Bert Offrein

ECOC 2016 Charles Baudot

ECOC 2016 Elad Mentovich

ECOC 2016 Hideyuki Nasu

ECOC 2016 Huiyun Liu

ECOC 2016 Le Nguyen Binh

ECOC 2016 Marika Immonen

ECOC 2016 Mohamed Sufyan Islim

ECOC 2016 Paraskevas Bakopoulos

ECOC 2016 Peter De Dobbelaere


Thank you again to all the kind lecturers for their participation and everybody who joined us at ECOC 2016. We are looking forward to next year!