ECO – European Cluster in Optical Interconnects

Berlin, April 2013

The European Cluster for Optical Interconnects (ECO Interconnects) is formed to promote visibility, sustainability and exploitation of European R&D efforts in the broad field of Optical Interconnects. Formed by the consortia of optical interconnect related EU funded projects such as Platon, Polysys, Ramplas, Firefly, Mirage, Sepianet and PhoxTroT, and with the participation of industrial and research organizations from all related datacom and telecom fields, the European Cluster for Optical Interconnects initiative aims:

  • To collectively promote the commercial exploitation of disruptive photonics technologies and thus drive rapid growth in the EU economy in the emerging field of datacom and computercom
  • To foster the collaboration between European projects and strengthen their impact at European and world-wide level
  • To foster the collaboration between European industry and EU-funded projects and drive commercial exploitation of disruptive research results and open a route to commercial adoption and market penetration
  • To establish synergies and a collaborative framework between other related clusters, ETPs, or other collaborative networks active in the areas of HPC and Data Centers as well as in the areas of photonic technologies.
  • To reinforce European industrial leadership & competiveness beyond 2020
  • To coordinate a common effort among European projects to enable broad dissemination